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The last time I went to Brooklyn Bridge park was for High School Prom photos in 2010- memories no adult wants to revisit. Needless to say the area has come a long way since those days. And thankfully so have I…. I can’t believe it took me so long to get back there. It’s amazing now. Full of public sports fields, luxury buildings, chic hotels, quaint coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Here are some of the spots we found and of course, some clothing details 😉

Coffee at Neighbors Cafe – 60 Furman St

I love the airy and minimilistic ambiance of this joint. Conveniently located right on the water, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Great pastries and cappuccinos.


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1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

After coffee, walk around the corner and check out this amazing hotel. The decor is on point, with an industrial foundation accented by warm organic furniture and embellished with greenery all along the walls. Saddle leather couches, layered fur rugs, wood furniture and woven poufs- it doesn’t get better.

Clothes: I’m wearing my comfy walking day staples-

Shoes: Nike Air Max

Jeans: Topshop

Jacket- Massimo Dutti

Bag and Hoops: H&M

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Restaurants/Bars- The Binc at 60 Henry St. 

This place is a hidden gem. Walk away from the water and leave the tourist crowds and overpriced restaurants with long lines behind. 7 minutes walking distance away from the center ferry area, you’ll find this intimate and romantic little bar. They serve outstanding cocktails and small plates. It’s dark and candle lit with 50’s music playing all night long and a bearded hipster mixologist to top it all off. $9 cocktails until 7:30, even on weekends. Get the parmesan fries! And I’ll leave you with this idgaf iPhone pic because by that point we were 4 drinks deep into heaven and forgot to take a decent picture for you. Just trust. Cheers 😘


Where to buy your Sherpa Jacket this winter

The Shearling/Sherpa motorcycle look is by far one of the biggest outerwear trends both this year and last. To clear any confusion, the difference between Shearling and Sherpa is simple. Shearling is real wool or fleece from a sheep, specifically one that has been shorn once. Sherpa is fake wool or fleece, made from polyester and made to look like real Shearling. All of the below picks are Sherpa for a few reasons, first because Shearling is frikkin expensive, secondly it pisses off a lot of animal rights activists and lastly because its kind of unnecessary (see points 1 and 2). There’s so many adorable Sherpa versions out on the market right now, so without further ado below are some of my favorites that are in stores now and ready to be loved by you.

  1. The exact coat that I’m wearing above is not offered online, but was purchased in store at H&M on 12.9.17 for $129. If you can get to an H&M near you now it’ll hopefully be there! They offer an adorable black version online at this link, BUY ME HERE, picture below for $129.

hmprod (1).jpeg

2. Obsessed with this awesome gold/white combo from the Gap. Kind of a surprising find from them, but nonetheless amazing. BUY ME HERE for $248.


3. Add some color to your Sherpa with this pink ladies top shop find for $170, BUY ME HERE


4. Such a great soft pink almost preppy option by Avec Les Filles at Bloomingdales now for $199. I love the length on this one. They also offer it in black! BUY ME HERE


5. Navy edition by J.O.A. at Urban Outfitters for $169, BUY ME HERE45341583_041_h.jpeg